Ducati 750 GT 1974

Tech stuff: 750cc, 58 hp, 195 kg

We restored this motorcycle in 2012. After taking it apart, the frame and ferrous parts were sand blasted and powder coated. All chrome parts were stripped, polished and rechromed. Alloy parts were treated to mirror polish, the original Borrani wheels were laced up with new spokes, the seat base was restored and new upholstery was made. A pair of brand new Silentium silencers were sourced in Italy. Lockheed calipers were overhauled and restored to its pristine condition. Master cylinders are new Grimeca parts. Original paint scheme is perfectly replicated by our good friends at Artenruta. We made a new wiring loom as factory specs restoring most of the electric components.

The engine was in very bad shape and many parts were missing.  New parts include Wiseco pistons, cylinder sleeves, valves, guides and seats, NCR high pressure oil pump, Surflex clutch, forged rods, crankpin and crank bearings. DellOrto Phf pumpers were cleaned with ultrasound waves. Cases were blasted and cleaned with silicates and finished with our usual engine treatment, nutshell blasting.