MG 1100 RACER «Corsa #8»

Preparaciones y carreras

1980 Moto Guzzi SP

Tech stuff: 1064cc (B/S 92×80), 96 hp, 175 kg, Asso pistons, SS nitride valves (44 in/39 ex), Porsche valve springs, SS camshaft, ClassWorks clutch. ClassWorks frame. DellOrto 41mm carburetors. Lafranconi exhaust system

Another of our Moto Guzzi «round head» racer. Frame is our own special CroMoly type with the front engine bolt modification allowing to save many Kg’s over the original Tonti frame downtubes. Headstock has 27º rake angle (28º stock). Wheels are stock 18″ off a 1986 Le Mans Mk4.

Gas rear shock absorbers, front forks are brand new 41,7 mm Marzocchi M1R. Special stainless steel Lafranconi Competizione racing exhaust.

Dyna III Digital ignition and Dyna coils, custom wiring.

Fairing, tank and seat are our own design fiberglass parts.