MG 850 LE MANS Mk1


1977 Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans

Tech stuff: 844cc, 62 hp, 196 Kg, stock pistons, stock heads. Lafranconi exhaust system. DellOrto PHF 36 carburetors.

In 2014 we restored to its original condition this very rare 850 Le Mans Mk1.

The original owner had bought it new in Italy back in 1977 and we had serviced it for the last 20 years. Time came to get it back to its original spendor.

Engine, gearbox and rear drive were stripped down and rebuilt as new. Heads received new valves, guides and seats (unleaded gas), crankshaft was cleaned with ultrasound and grinded to fit new oversize shells.

All chrome parts were renewed, sandblast and powder coating on frame, stands and wheels. New wiring loom, new electric components, new lights, new brake lines, new Lafranconi exhausts and much more.

The color is the original light blue, perfecly replicated by our good friends of Artenruta.

The youth potion exists, at least for motorcycles!