«LaSanta» 500

Preparaciones y carreras

1980 Moto Guzzi Monza 500

Tech stuff: 498cc, 45 Hp, 142 Kg, modified pistons, modified heads, two-in-two racing exhaust, DellOrto Phbh 30.

The fact: this bike has fetched all podium finishes on all the classic races it has entered since we built it in 2007. Sprint races, endurance races, small tracks, GP tracks, town circuits. Either with the torquey 750cc engine or with its high revving 500cc twin (they are interchangeable in the same frame). All of this with three different owners.

The tank is a 1983 Le Mans unit, the seat is one of the original Monza racer seats that were made in the middle of the 80’s for the spanish 500cc Motociclismo Series. The blown exhaust is tucked underneath the gearbox.

Fiberglass front fairing is a Ducati single part with our own bracket to embrace it. Front forks are revalved stock Moto Guzzi 650 and rear shocks are Yss. Continental Classic Racing tires.